Welcome to Huse Knives

James Huse

    Hello I’m James D. Huse II. I've been making knives off and on since 2002. I was introduced to knife making through a friend named James Clint Brock. I started by buying blades and putting handles on them and modifying my existing knives. The first knife I ever made was out of an old lawn mower blade. I made a guard from a piece of mild steel and put an antler handle on it. The only equipment I had was a grinder with a stone and a cut-off wheel, a sander, a few files, determination, and good old fashion elbow grease. It wasn't the prettiest knife, but I was addicted. Then I taught myself how to stitch my leather sheaths. I have forged a few blades, but prefer the stock removal method.

    I like making Hunting and Camping style knives using carbon steel alloys such as:

  1. 1075
  2. 1084
  3. 1095
  4. 5160
  5. 52100
  6. A2

    I do everything myself. I heat treat all my own blades using my KM-14D Paragon Heat Treating Oven. I don't make full custom knives for people. The reason I prefer not to make full custom knives is because no matter how well I make a knife it will never be the knife the customer has pictured in their mind. The extent of customization consist of a general blade shape, handle material, and fitting options the customer chooses.

    I will use almost any wood you want. It depends on the availability of the wood.

    Some of my favorites are:

Dymond Wood Bubinga Maple Burl
Australian Lacewood Black Walnut Bocote
Cocobolo Bois D' Arc Texas Ebony
Mesquite Burl Desert Ironwood Bone/Antler

    I use a high-strength epoxy and pins to attach the handle scales to the knife. I also do decorative needle file work. I have a few patterns I like to use. It isn't difficult to do, but it is time consuming. I also hand tool and hand stitch all the Leather Sheaths. The leather I use is 6oz. - 8oz. veggie-tan leather. A name or initials can be stamped on the front of the sheath for further customization. There is no extra charge for the sheath, it is included with the knife.